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Board Breaking Class

Breaking is a martial arts technique that is used in competition, demonstration and testing. Breaking is an action where a martial artist uses a striking surface to break one or more objects using the skills honed in their art form. The most common object is a piece of wood, though it is also common to break bricks or cinder blocks (especially if one is 15 years and older and testing for their Black Belt).

Confidence and focus is needed to demonstrate proficiency when breaking boards. All our students are instructed in the proper mechanics of board breaking. When our students feel confident with a technique they have the opportunity to “test their skill” by breaking a board during their rank tests and competitions.

For each belt test, you will have to break one or more boards with kicking and/or punching techniques that you are being tested on.

                                                             Testing for:

       YELLOW BELT2 BOARDS are needed
       ORANGE BELT: 3 BOARDS are needed
    GREEN BELT: 4 BOARDS are needed
      PURPLE BELT: 5 BOARDS are needed
  BLUE BELT: 5 BOARDS are needed
RED BELT: 5 BOARDS are needed
     BROWN BELT: 5 BOARDS are needed

*If 12 and younger- thin boards will be used.
**If 12 and older- thicker boards will be used.
​*** If doing creative breaking more than 5 boards may be used.

Board Breaking Class Schedule


Time: ​2:00-2:50pm