Black Belt Class

In addition to regular practice, black belts are encouraged to attend these special classes to gain and demonstrate proficiency with new techniques that are not appropriate for lesser ranks. These special classes generally follow every other promotional testing since black belts are required to attend a certain number of classes and other events. 

Just as with anything else in life, the more you do it, the better you become. Being a black belt allows you to train extra times per week. 

As well, you also have the option of helping out during belt tests by signing up on the bulletin board.

This class will help you develop even more skill on top of what you are already getting in your weekly classes. This is important because the black belt test is in parts and the final exam combines all the skills you've trained for from each part of the tests.

For all we offer you we ask that you make the commitment to attend throughout no matter what.

Check out our Belt Test and Belt Ceremony page for more information on black belt test requirements.

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