Cardio Kickboxing-CKB

A fat-burning, muscle-building workout that blends striking with interval training. 
Cardio Kickboxing began as a combination of boxing techniques and the kicking moves that are used in several martial arts, such as Karate, Kung-Fu and Tae Kwon Do. Kickboxing techniques require timing and help build your balance and coordination. 

By using techniques like the jab, cross, hook,
and uppercut using conventional heavy bags and training pads, based on authentic kickboxing techniques it provides both resistance training and cardiovascular benefits to its participants. These moves develop a student’s ‘core’ conditioning and provide a real ‘full body’ workout.

The average person will burn between 500-800 calories in a one-hour class and your metabolism will be 10% to 15% higher for the next eighteen hours. 

 for this intense, total-body workout that can improve strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility, coordination, and balance, and receive our
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