Forms Class

Red Belts and Up

Forms (
poomsae or hyung) are a prearranged set of kicks, blocks, punches, steps, and stances designed to train and reinforce the basic techniques of Tae Kwon Do. At Master Song's Martial Arts School, we hold specialized classes concentrating on detailed execution, analysis, understanding and improvement of these techniques through intensive training, repetition and individualized instruction under our instructors. At Master Song's Martial Arts School, we practice the Taegeuk and other forms required for Kukkiwon (or World Taekwondo Federation) certification.

Forms, or 
poomse, are a predetermined set of defending and attacking movements performed against imaginary opponents. All basic techniques and stances utilized in Tae Kwon Do are included in these patterns and require discipline, concentration, and dedication. These movements and techniques must be practiced on a regular basis in order to achieve a high level of proficiency. They are among the most important skills students must develop and maintain.

Through the practice of forms, students learn the practical application of the various techniques of Tae Kwon Do and acquire certain special techniques which cannot be obtained from either fundamental exercises or sparring. Forms also serve a multidimensional role, aiding in development and refinement of coordination, balance, timing, breath control, and rhythm, all of which are essential skills to the student.

Master Song's Martial Arts School stresses the importance of forms training to give students a well-rounded education in Tae Kwon Do. Dedicated forms classes allow students to practice their forms with the full attention and help of the instructors. Forms are a critical barometer in evaluating an individual's technique and require a thorough knowledge of the basics. When practiced correctly, they provide a strong foundation for other skills to build on.

Starting  Jan. 2018...
Forms Class will be on every 2nd and 4th Wednesday 
from 5:00-6:00 PM


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