Benefits of TAE KWON DO:
  • Martial Arts will increase your mental alertness as well as improving your ability to focus.
  • The physical and mental skills developed throughout continuous training become a part of you and carry over to other areas of your life.
  • Rather than encourage aggression Martial Arts helps the individual channel energy into socially acceptable forms of friendly competition and personal competence.
  • At Master Song's Martial Arts School, we teach our students to have a deep respect for their ability to overcome an attacker. This developed sense of self-esteem makes them unlikely targets for an aggressor.

Our Mission...
We realize that the activity of a student to be able to defend themselves is important, but far more important are the tools the student will need to develop into a well-rounded adult. Therefore, children learn respect, courtesy, and self-control while participating in an active exercise program. As students of Martial Arts, they build confidence and self-esteem while they progress through the program. Each of these characteristics improves attitudes and grades. 

Our objective is to help children improve in each of their areas:

  • Sincerity, respect, and self-control
  • Individual effort and self- confidence
  • Character and self-esteem
  • Concentration and self-discipline


New students at Master Song's Martial Arts School start with a trial class, and this allows the student to visit the school, meet the instructors and begin to learn about the benefits of Tae Kwon Do.

In the 
trial class, the student will learn about cardiovascular exercise. The student will begin to learn how these exercises will increase endurance, lower the heart rate, and increase flexibility. The student will learn basic self-defense techniques that could help one get out of a difficult situation.


Pre-TKD Beginner and Intermediate Requirements for Belt Test


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